SALON English version

2-14-8 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Metro Plaza 2-1 F

[Session menu]
🔷Reading ‥‥‥ ¥ 5,000
🔷Color therapy ‥‥ ¥ 5,000

[Creation Menu]
🔷Thread Mandala Art Creation mini ‥‥ 3,000 yen
🔷 NEW Block mini‥‥ 3,000 yen

[Course menu]
🔷 TC color therapist course. Learn the basics of two types of color therapy in one day.
* After completing the course, you can work as a color therapist.
(The course cannot be opened).
Tuition fee 20,900 yen / tax
(14 books, textbooks, exam fee included)
* Time required 5 hours.

🔷TC master color therapist course.
Tuition fee 29,700 yen / tax
(including textbook and certification fee)
* Required time 6 hours.

🔷TC trainer course.
Attendance fee 46,200 yen / tax
(Educational materials, certification fee 10,000 yen, including the registration fee for the first year)
Renewal fee from the next year, 5,500 yen / tax including tax
* Time required 6 hours.

🔷Vision spiral course.
(1) Latent cycle work
(2) 14 color questions / work to find value
(3) Vision spiral work
* Vision spiral session is a session beyond the boundaries of color therapy, a new session like never before!
Attendance fee 20,900 yen / tax
(including textbooks, teaching materials, and certification fee)
* 5 hours required.

🔷Threading mandala art creation course.
[Bundling] Ruler (30cm), compass [Price] 24,000 yen
* Time required 5 hours.

🔷NEW block step-up course

[Study session menu]
🔷After the color therapist certification, you can participate in TC official study sessions Chapter 1 to 3 from any location in any order.

🔷Chapter4 ~ 10 is for master color therapists who have completed Chapter1 ~ 3.

🔷Threading mandala art study session You can participate after attending the threading mandala art course.

[Annual course menu]
🔶NEW block Created for each monthly event.
(Mother’s Day Carnation)

🔶Card Reading Session Session every 3 months.
(Determine the goal and watch the flow)

🔶Threading mandala art Change the shape and make a work.
(Pierce, photo case etc.)